Request for a product feature

Add an SOS feature in the Strava app so that when one is out exercising and needs help other Strava community nearby are notified.

  1. Flat or low-pressure tyre, need a bike pump.
  2. Bike chain jammed, need a metal tool to release it.
  3. Punctured tyre, need help to fix it.
  4. What other use-cases do you see here? Feel free to add them in the comments.
  1. A Strava app user request help via the SOS button.
  2. An SOS page open asks the user to select from a common list of requests or enter their request.
  3. Strava users who are nearby are notified…

Governance: Mindful Communication Guidance For Slack

With any online communication tool, users suffer from information overload. Through conscious usage by all users, we can improve the experience for everyone. The following are ten guidelines for using slack:

  1. Create a channel for each organisational domain. The lead of each domain should do this. Invite users to your channel rather than adding them. Only add users to your channel once you have their consent.
  2. Users should add themselves to the channels for the domains they are supporting. This is to minimise distractions.
  3. When starting a conversation, it’s important to be specific about its intention. …

Why the two should always come together!

Have you ever lost a digital file? Maybe you or someone else deleted it by mistake? Or maybe the technology failed, such as a hard disk crash. Regardless of the reasons on how it became deleted, the feeling is always the same “Oh %#$!”, followed by I really wished that did not happen. For the really lucky ones, you are grateful to be able to recover it from a backup that was made. Nowadays, we are fortunate to have automated cloud backups to save us when these tragic events happen. …

Mentoring: Online Communication Guidance for Workplace

With any online communication tool users suffer from information overload. I believe that through conscious usage by all users, we can dramatically improve the experience for everyone. The following is a proposed guideline for using Facebook Workplace:

  1. One Group should be created for each organisational domain by the person(s) who are intending to energize them.
  2. People are to self-add themselves to the Groups for the organisational domains they will energize. It is important to receive consent before you add anyone to a Group.
  3. When Group members create a new Conversation thread within a Group, it’s important to be specific about…

Reflecting on Breathing Colour by designer Hella Jongerius at the Design Museum in July 2017

The philosophy behind the embodiment design of a logo

I feel passionate about making the invisible, the unseen, visible. I leverage my feelings and intuition to visualize a perception of reality and the emerging future, what I sense, feel, and imagine. Often, an image appears way before words do. I express the image in the form of a visual conceptualization, as a way of communicating a perception to others. These images represent something that we embody, what we sense and feel around us, within us and through us.

To illustrate this, I will share the story behind the designing of the logo for Unleash Leadership, depicted below:

Photograph taken by Marcela

The Power of Partnerships

In designing and developing a Partnership Programme it is important to start by being explicit about these core questions: Why now? Why us? Who? and How?

Why now? — What issue are you solving? What remains out of sight? Who or what is not being acknowledged? Who or what does it serve if nothing changes?

Why us? — Why would they partner with you? What are you doing differently? What is your intent? What is the transformation you want to provoke?

Who? — Who are the types of partners you are looking for? What skills are you missing? …

∞ The vision of a sold-out event ∞

The Power of Questions for Event Organisers

You have a dream, it’s to organise an event, a festival, a gathering! Your event is approaching soon and you ask:

“How do we energise more people to join us?”

This is a question that comes up often. In fact, it was a question that was asked yesterday by a friend who is seeking some advice, and is in synchronicity with another friend organising a separate event. This is a gift for them and to everyone organising events.

Now, I believe in the power of questions rather than answers to solve challenges that we face, so as a response, I’ve…

Photograph by Pasco taken during the Dignity & Co Retreat at the ASHA Centre 24th to 28th March 2017

To follow on and support the next steps out of the sensing journey, we wanted to share stories of experiments emerging across the ecosystem. We were looking especially at team based experiments and how those teams formed.

In the process, there was a request for guiding questions, so we shared the following which we co-created together during a co-working retreat:

  • How did you find each other and what was the resonating factor that brought you together?
  • How did you align on a common purpose?
  • How did you share responsibilities?
  • What challenges did you face during the journey?
  • How did you…

The Experience Economy

All around us, we see the same pattern emerging time and time again. Established organisations, especially in the service industry, are unable to keep up with their markets and customers. Working with those organisations, we noticed that their internal structures tend to be rigid, the employees are either uninterested or disengaged. As a result business is impacted. One visible consequence is that customer experience suffers.

Products-Services Vs. Experiences

If we look deeper into organisational structures, the CTO, or sometimes also called CIO, needs to be somebody who is technologically fluent. In a small organisation, this is the tech guy who hacked the alpha…

Newsletter #1

Dear Community,

As we approach the festive season, it is time to take a break, reflect and spend quality time with our family and friends. Just to recap of what’s emerged over the last month:

On the 22nd November, we shared our blog on the Sensing Journey Experiment. Once again thanks to everyone who responded to the Sensing Survey and-or participated in the Sensing Journey Experiment during the past months. We are curious to hear your reflections on the blog? To support us please like and share our medium blog.

On the 29th November, we announced our new Teal for Startups Publication

Malek Jaber

Strategy | Product | Digital | Innovation | Partnerships | FinTech | eCommerce | Telco

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